Grantley design Jaguar body kit fitting guide instructions
Fitting our Jaguar XK8/XKR body kit is easy with no modifications needed to the car's body work.
Here we'll show you how it's done with some useful tips.


Looking up from under the bumper where the exhausts come out you will see the
19mm bolts that hold the bumper on.
These are invariably rusty and more than likely seized.

Jaguar rear bumper

TIP.  If you are to have any chance of removing these, tighten them first (clockwise)
 until you hear a crack and stop.
Now try to undo them.

If they just start to spin, there is no option but to do some cutting..

We have found it easiest to use an air saw to cut the rear bumper mount. The mount will not be needed to fit our bumper.

Jaguar rear bumper removal

You can get access to the Jaguar mount by removing the exhaust tail pipes.
With the mount bolts removed or the mounts cut, the bumper will slide back and off.

On early Jaguar XKs the rear tow eye can be cut off.  Here we made a small hole in the diffuser to give access to the tow eye thread.


Jaguar raer bumper removal

Now our bumper can be put into place.  We favour putting a selftapper into the wheel arch.
With the the back taped into place the sides can now be stretched into place until they are horizontal.
The bumper is a tight fit and this pulls the sides in. Here it is suspended with no more than the tape and 2 screws in the arches.

TIP.  We have got a good clean fit by running double sided tape along the very edge of the bumper and a thin line of PU adhesive under that. Position the bumper and then peal off the double sided tape backing and press into place.

Gunson suction clamps

These suction clamps are ideal, the Gunson ones are the best and can be bought quite cheaply on Ebay. Use them to hold the bumper while the adhesive goes off.

TIP. Use a bit of straight wood or similar at the very edge of the bumper to avoid leaving any clamp marks.

Jaguar rear bumper painting

The rear diffuser must be bolted to the rear bumper before fitting, so if you are going to paint it on the car it will need to be masked off.


Our front bumper fits just like the Jaguar original, bolting in exactly the same places.

It was modelled on an early Jaguar XK8 and on later models the front mounts below the bonnet were raised.. but not all of them...
On this later model we cut out some of the mounting area on our bumper and left the sides
and very middle position.
Our bumper is rigid enough to support it's self on these 3 remaining  mounts.

Jaguar XK8 bumper trimming


Grantley Design Jaguar side skirts

Our Jaguar XK side skirts can be simply bonded to the sides of the car as seen on our silver/blue XK8 or for a  very smooth look they can be blended into the wings.  The area where the side skirts will fit needs to be degreased and roughed with some course sand paper.

Grantley Design Jaguar XK8 XKR side skirts fitting

TIP.  Note how we have applied one line of adhesive. If you make swirls that trap air, this air will expand when hot and deform the side skirts.

Jaguar side skirts being bonded to an XK8 convertible

Tape, suction clamps and strips of wood hold the side skirts whilst the adhesive sets.

Jaguar side skirts blended into the wings on a XK8

Note how the blending goes well above the tops of the side skirts. The result is a seamless join between wings and side skirts.


Jaguar XK8 XKR projector headlights

PDF headlight fitting instructions CLICK HERE

Our Jaguar projector headlights could not be simpler to fit, they bolt into place using the original bolts and simply plug into the original wiring loom.

TIP.  The self adhesive rubber seal provided is best stuck to the wing, not the light for a very neat finish..

Jaguar XK8 convertable body kit bumpers and side skirts